Phil Collins - A left handed famous drummer

Phil Collins

Phil Collins - A video and some information about this famous left handed drummer.

He is best known as a drummer and member of Genesis and later as a very successful solo singer songwriter. Phil became one of the most famous drummers and popular artists in the world with a huge following worldwide.

Some History

Phillip David Charles Collins was born on the 20th of January 1951. He grew up in Chiswick in London England in a working class family.

As a child under five years Phil would bang his hands on things around his parents house. They noticed their sons natural ability and so they decided to give him a toy drum set for Christmas.

This started Phil on the journey to becoming a drummer and to for-fill his natural love for drumming. Because he played the toy drum set all the time it eventually broke. His uncle made him a make shift drum kit which he practiced on regularly.

His parents also helped their son because of his willingness to practice and his love for playing the drums. They purchased Phil a real drum kit. He embraced the new kit with enthusiasm and used it to practice to songs on the television and radio.

Phil never had any formal training in learning to play the drums. He never learned to read and write music notation but developed his own system which would prove to be incredibly successful for him later on in life.

He formed his first band in which he played drums while attending Chiswick Community School. This first band he called The Real Thing but it did not last.

After this experience Phil joined a band called The Freehold. He played the drum kit for them and also wrote his first song Lying Crying Dying.

With that humble beginning the path towards becoming a successful drummer and singer song writer was begun.

Phil Collins - In The Air Tonight

Professional Career

The first professional break as a drummer came when Phil joined an obscure rock band called Flaming Youth. After the band failed to make it commercially and because of infighting amongst the members the band was dissolved after a year of touring.

In 1970 the young nineteen year old Phil Collins was asked to play drums on the George Harrison song The Art Of Dying.In the same year Phil answered an ad in the Melody Maker for a drummer sensitive to acoustic music played on an acoustic guitar.

Genesis placed the ad after losing three drummers over the previous two albums. Phil went to the audition early and listened to all the other auditions while swimming in Peter Gabriel's parents pool.

He memorized the pieces before his turn and by so doing became the new drummer for Genesis. This was a defining moment that would prove to be the biggest break in his career.

Phil stayed as drummer for Genesis until he left the band in 1996. He pursued a solo career after developing his singing and songwriting ability with them. He went on to enjoy a hugely successful solo career where he penned a number of world wide hit songs.

Phil is recognized more as singer songwriter than he is as a famous drummer. This is true even though his skills on the drum kit is extensive.

Phil is still performing today but is unable to play the drum set. A spinal injury has left him unable to hold a set of drum sticks properly. He continues to write and sing and do what he does best as an icon in the world of popular music.

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