Karen Carpenter - The Carpenter, the Woman and the Famous Drummer

Karen Carpenter

Karen Carpenter - some information and a video about this unique famous drummer and singer.

Karen is best known for her singing and her ability as a drummer in the 70's band The Carpenters.

Some History

Karen Anne Carpenter was born on the 2nd of March 1950 to Agnes and Harold Carpenter in new Haven, Connecticut. Karen didn't show much interest in music in her childhood like her brother did.

It wasn't until she was in high school that she showed an interest in playing the drum set after joining the school band. She admired the performance of a friend Frankie Chavez and asked if she could play the drum kit instead of the glockenspiel.

So in 1964 Karen began to learn to play the drum set. She was determined and focused in her quest to become a drummer.

Karen practiced on the drum kit several hours a day. She seemed to have a natural ability as playing the drums came easily to her. This came about because she loved playing and practicing on the kit and did it whenever possible.

Karen loved to challenge herself by learning complicated rhythms and beats. As a result of her appetite for challenging rhythms her skills on the drums became considerable.

Karen Carpenter Performing with the Carpenters

Professional Career

As a result of her passion for the drums Karen was asked by her brother to join his band. From 1965 until 1968 Karen played professionally in numerous nightclubs and also appeared on a talent show on television with the Richard Carpenter Trio.

Karen also played for a band called Spectrum formed by her brother. This group laid down the foundation that would become The Carpenters later on.

In April 1969 A & M Records signed the Carpenters to a recording contract which would lead to a string hits from the group. Karen was to be the lead singer and to play the drum kit as well. She did this with much skill and finesse.

Karen became the darling to millions with her searing vocals that oozed with feeling and passion. When she sang and played the drums she was truly at her best. An accomplished drummer she is counted as one of best amongst other famous drummers.

Karen always thought of herself as a singing drummer and that was where she shone and was at her best. She was never as comfortable being just a singer as she had been when she was singing from behind the drum set.

Karen Carpenter died of heart failure caused by anorexia nervosa in February 1983 after being the drummer and singer for the Carpenters for just over thirteen years. She was truly gifted individual who's legacy goes on in the music she recorded.

The Carpenters were disbanded after Karen's death as she was an irreplaceable force that made the Carpenters sound.No-one could sing and play the drums the way Karen did. She took her gift with when she died. She was one of the best famous drummers and singers of the twentieth century.

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