Famous Drummers - What Does It Take To Be Like Them?

John Bonham

Famous drummers - Some information about these unique individuals from today and yesterday. What is it about these individuals that drives them to succeed the way they do?

There are many successful drummers in many different genres. On this page is a list of the very best that represent bands we have all heard of in one way or another.

What Drives Them To Succeed

Famous drummers are not like your regular everyday drummer. These drummers are driven by a quiet obsession, a love for the instrument and willingness to be patient in adversity.

They are not quitters but stick to their passion through thick and thin. They are not influenced by how much money they make like the regular drummer is.

How do I know this. Because when there is no money most will quit. But these unique individuals keep playing even if there is no money at the moment. They seem to know that persistence and perseverance are more important than always wanting to get paid.

They also have a Forest Gump attitude and simply will not stop until they are the very best at what they do without exception. If you don't know who Forest Gump is then go to your local DVD rental store and hire the movie just for the inspiration you will receive.

Neil Peart

A List Of Popular Drummers

Here is a list of some famous drummers

Phil Collins, Travis Barker, Ringo Starr

Karen Carpenter, Mick Fleetwood, Meg White,

• Phil Rudd, Ginger Baker, Charlie Watts

• Stewart Copeland, Gene Kupa, Nick Mason

• Virgil Donati, Kenny Aronoff, John Schwatz

What Happens With The Right Attitude

When these drummers stick to this kind of attitude things begin to happen for them as they chase their dream to be a professional drummer. This is not an easy quest but these people prove that it can be done with the right attitude and when passion is applied.

The love for the drums and a passion to play in professional bands drives these drummers to become the best. This is so that they will carve out a name for themselves that will motivate others to want them to play with and for them.

These drummers are an inspirational example of faith in action and a belief in themselves that they can succeed and get to the top of their profession. They are never wavering in their conviction and belief and so receive their desire in abundance eventually.

Can You Do The Same

Well yes you can if you adopt the same attitude that these top drummers have. Is it easy to do of course not. If it was easy everybody would be doing it.

Bill Bruford

But if you have a love for playing the drum set, are prepared to get lessons and practice with a forest Gump attitude then you to can become like the best. You will become a professional drummer because of your passion, belief and faith that you can.

The only thing that can stop you is boredom and frustration that it is not happening fast enough. This is where patience belief and faith that you will and can comes to the rescue. This is unless of course you give in to the negative thoughts of boredom and frustration.

Also you have to have a thick skin and be able to take the criticism and rejection you are going to get on your journey of becoming a great drummer. If you take it and use it to improve and not quit you will definitely become an awesome drummer and a name that everybody raves about.

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