Drum Kit Setup

Drum Kit Setup - How to setup a drum set and why it is setup the way that it is. The flow of both size and sound in a specified order which leads to maximum effect when playing.

When first beginnig to play a drum set one of the most important first steps is to set your drum setup correctly so that it suits you and is comfortable to play. There is nothing worse than having a poorly setup drum set that is difficult to play and may cause injury.

Correct Setup

The correct drum kit setup is a standard format of snare,small tom, large tom, floor tom and bass drum. This moves from right to left if right handed and left to right if left handed with the bass drum in the centre.

The idea is to setup in the above to create a flow of ever larger from small tom to floor tom. The snare is larger than the small tom but sits in front of the small tom and next to the floor tom. This creates a series of notes when each drum is struck similar to peeling bells but of course not the same.

The Setup for cymbals

The hi-hat and cymbals are setup around the drums. The hi-hat sits next to the snare drum on the left hand side if you are right handed or right hand side if you are left handed.

The crash cymbals are positioned along side both the smalltom and the large tom in a five piece drum set. The first cymbal stand is positioned on the right hand side of the front of the small tom.

The other larger cymbal is positioned on the left hand side or front of the large tom. The ride cymbal is setup in the front of the floor tom.

The Setup for your Reach

After setting up in the stardard confiquration of snare, small tom, large tom, floor tom and bass drum as the picture shows, it is time to move on to the next step. This step will be refined off of the standard positioning of a drum kit.

This is where you decide on how high and how close you would like each drum in your drum set to be. The idea is to not over extend yourself when playing but to have everything within a comfortable reach. This means having your arms always bent to allow wrist and forearm movement when playing.

Height is also important in drum kit setup. This is so that your arms don't fatique quickly as they would do if raised to high or over extended.

So when setting up the height it is important to keep your drums at a level where your arms are in a comfortable and relaxed position. That way the wrist and foreman can move effeciently around the kit with the least amount of effort.

Refining the Standard Setup

The drum kit setup should look similar to the numbered picture on the right. One the ride or crash cymbal two the floor tom three the small and large toms four the bass drum five the snare drum and six the hi-hat.

The final step is to refine and tighten the confiquration. This is so that the drums are easy to move around without making extremely large movements.

This is one of the keys to improving technique and speed. The snare and the small and large tom are tilted to a degree that suits you. This is so it is comfortable and is not a strain on your forearms and wrists.

Once you have done this you should have a confiquration that suits you. This should make it comfortable and easy for you to play. Your technique and speed will improve greatly with the right drum setup.

It is my hope these tips will help you to improve your setup of your drum kit an in turn improve your playing ability.

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