Custom Drum Sets - Create a Drum Kit That is Your Own Design

Custom drum sets are another choice for drummers to consider. The advantages of custom drum kits over brand drum sets. This page discusses custom drum kits and the choices you have as a drummer before considering a custom kit.

Custom drum sets is where the drummer has so much more input into the design of the drum set. Custom drum kits are designed and finished in a style that is unique. They are not like the mass produced kits.

Because of this, though, it is more expensive but the kit is of a quality you decide. It is not a kit where the quality is decided by the company as with the brand drum sets.

Custom drum set

With custom built drum sets there is a lot more flexibility. You would have limited choice with a mass produced drum kit.

Custom drum sets allow you to choose quite a bit in the design process. You are not being forced to except what is offered by the big brand companies.

Custom design is so flexible that you get to name the kit you have designed.

Custom Drum Shell Design Choices

Custom drum kits allow you to choose quite a bit in the design process. You decide the type of shells you would like your drum set to be made up of.

• Choice of veneer and thickness of the wood.

• You choose the diameter and depth of the shells.

• Choose the finished colour for your shells.

• A choice of satin or glossy finish.

• A Choice of a pattern in the finish.

So as you can see there is a lot of choices. Yellow custom tom toms

The variety of shells for your drum set allows more drum configurations. It doesn't stop their either.

All these choices are important if you are after a certain sound and unique look for your drum set.

Custom Hardware Design Choices

The next choice you have is the hardware that goes on your custom built drum shells.

• You choose the hardware and drum heads you want.

• Choice of lugs, design and finish of your lugs.

• Choice of drum hoops and finish of your drum hoops.

• Choice of mounting brackets plus the colour and design of your mounting brackets.

• Choice of claws plus the design and colour of your claws.

As you can see your choices are numerous and that is what makes each custom drum set unique. In this whole process you create the custom drum kit you want with all the fittings you have chosen.

What Are The Pitfalls to Custom Drum Kits

There are pitfalls though with this. You cannot test your creation to hear how it sounds. Plus you don't know what it looks like until it is finished.

Yellow custom drum set

The best that can be done to over-come this is to see an example of what the kit you have designed will look like. The sound part is another issue which could be over come with mp3s.

The other pitfall is the waiting time before your new kit is delivered to you. Also the cost of shipping is high. But, this is the best way to achieve the drum kit you want. A drum set that is unique because you helped to design it.

Functionality or Uniqueness and Quality You Choose

If you want a cheap functional drum set that will do the job then you would probably go with a mass produced drum kit. They don't give you much choice when it comes to personal design and the sound you want.

The thing is they are readily available and there is not much waiting time if purchased from a music store. You choose the kit you like, pay for it, and have it delivered within a day or two at most. Plus they are usually cheaper than custom drum sets.

But with all that said, this really is up to whether you can afford the extra cost that is involved in creating a custom drum kit. This is something that you will have to weigh up of course. But if you want the uniqueness in look and sound as well as the quality, then you cannot beat a custom designed and built drum set.

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