Civil War Drums and There Uses in Battle

Civil War Drums - This page will discuss the use of drums in battle and after the battle in the history of drums. Why they were necessary and the reason they were used. The modern use of these drums today is quite different from what they were used for in the past.

The drum was born out bloodshed and carnage not out of peaceful pursuits as most would think. In both tribal and national situations in the time of war the drum was used to either celebrate a victory or to actually guide the direction of the battle.

In Tribal Conflict

African djembe drum

In the situation of tribal warfare the drum was used more to prepare the warriors for the battle ahead. The warriors who would be fighting would be primmed so they where ready for battle. Also when victory was gained the winners would celebrate with drums only or with other instruments.

This celebration would be joyous and would include dancing to the beat of the drum. The drummers would play certain beats with the music to highten the uforia of winning the battle. This would make the victory all the more glorious and satisfying to the winning tribe.

In some cases tribal drums were the only instrument being played. Yet in other instances other instruments were added to enhance the rhythm being played by the drummers. Tribal drums were an important part of tribal life. They were used in a variety of situations where war was just one of them.

The Civil use of Drums

In the case of nation against nation in both Europe and America the drummers had to perform quite a different function. Civil war drums had a different function from tribal drums in that they were used to direct the battle.

Civil War Drums

In the past there was not the sophisticated communication equipment that is used in battle today. It was difercult to guide the troops so a drum was used that the drummer played to relay movements and battle orders.

Battle drums were extremely important in how the battle would go via the orders given and executed by the men in the battle carrying them out. All the troops were taught the various drum beats played by the battle drummer and what they meant so they could execute the orders given.

These drums of war had to cut through the noise of battle so that the troops could hear what they were to do next. The battle drummer played his drum with a pair of drum stick to create the volume needed to cut through the noise. If the battle was extremely noisey then several drummers would play at once so the message would be heard by the men.

The Modern Use of the Drum

Of course the use of drums in war has died out because of the invention of sophisticated communication equipment. Now these drums have been adapted for celebration rather than war. They are used in Scottish pipe bands, military tattoos and marching bands today.

Black drum set

They have also been added into the modern trap set or drum kit and used in many types of music being played today all around the world. So the civil war drum that was once used for battle is now used in creating music that permeates through all our lives.

Very few realise or probably even care where the drums originated from. The whole drum set has come from either tribal or civil war without most knowing it. The drum set that most drummers play has been brought out of chaos and bloodshed. It also has come from occult religious practices which I will talk about on another page.

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